Laserfit - Advantages

Advantages of Laserfit scleral contact lenses:

  • No trial lens fitting needed - 100% Digital
  • No messy moulding needed - Non-invasive
  • Custom made to match your unique eye
  • Proprietary lens design and optics
  • Wavefront guided process
  • Best comfort with less focal eye compression
  • Easy fitting process for patient
  • Cost effective - under half the price of competitors

Laserfit - Beneficial for

People with the following complex vision issues:

  • Keratoconus
  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
  • PRK, RK, LASIK Complications
  • Severe Dry Eye Disorder
  • Corneal Ectasia
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
  • High Order Aberrations
  • Irregular Astigmatism

About Us:

The Laserfit Scleral Lens Vision system was developed by Dr Gemoules. He is the first to pioneer the use of Optical Coherence Tomography to precisely laser map the anterior eye surface and to incorporate wavefront-guided optics into a scleral contact lens design. The patented laserfit system does not require the use of trial lenses. Over the last decade, the Laserfit system has been constantly refined and improved - resulting in the most powerful and sophisticated scleral lens design and fitting technology available today. We often achieve 20/15 vision or better for many of our patients.

"Patients from all over the world have had their vision restored using our Laserfit scleral lenses."
US patents 7,862,176, 8,632,188, 9,016,863 and other patents pending

What Patients Say About Our Laserfit Lenses

Laserfit's close proximity to the lens manufacturing labs and established working relationships with the technicians cannot be understated. This situation is extremely unique and virtually impossible to replicate elsewhere. I don't think another lens fitter can come close to this degree of efficiency. Dr. Gemoules' fantastic experience, knowledge, and care are the icing on the cake. I trusted this before the visit, and I enjoy the benefits of it after the trip.

Shawn Washington, USA

Without a doubt these are the best lenses I have ever had. The other evening I had to drive in dark and wet conditions it’s not something that I previously would have been able to do. The lenses continue to amaze. I’m in the city I grew up in. The first few days wearing the lenses, the only way I can describe it was WOW! everything is now in high definition and I can see things on the hills around me that I haven’t seen for years, which is a strange experience. Also it’s been great to be able to drive comfortably at night.

Keratoconus patient New Zealand

I've just came back from Dallas, where I met Dr. Gemoules for a fitting in order to solve my Higher Order Aberration issues and also recover a good visual acuity. In only two days, Dr. Gemoules has succeeded in providing me an excellent vision, night and day, with very good contrast. I'm very happy. Moreover, the comfort of these lenses is unbelievable; I can barely feel them on my eyes, so I can wear them about 14 hours a day!

Raphael Paris, France

For anyone still suffering with vision problem related to surgery, severe dry eye or corneal issues, you should stop procrastinating and make a trip to Texas and go and see Dr. G. It will probably change the quality of your life. He is a wonderful dedicated man who is top of his field with his own unique patented technology which he improves upon all the time. He is a master of his trade and can without any trial lens fittings, produce a unique comfy lens that fits your specific eyes surface with custom optics to match.

Mark Melbourne, Australia

After LASIK… My recovery was not smooth...I saw multiple images. Dr. Gemoules fit me with Laserfit lenses that allow me to see so much better, it's startling. I can appreciate detail like I've not been able to in eight years…My lenses were comfortable from day one and the's unreal. All these wasted years. Dr. Gemoules is a true expert, and I've known a lot of experts in my time. He knows his stuff and I'm very glad to be his patient.

KP Texas, USA

I will add to the consensus that if you want a place to start, Dr. Gemoules is your best shot at diagnosing and designing a contact lens remedy for you. He is just simply at the forefront of investigating and treating these issues we face, and I hope he continues to forge forward in this area…Your own path might lead to further refinements and discoveries down the road, through Dr. Gemoules or elsewhere, but I truly believe there's no better place to start than Coppell, TX.

Brian Oregon, USA